The hot guy haunted by premature ejaculation

Bad in bed results to a loss of love

Raging with hormones, the youngster took his girlfriend to a hotel. Touching each other excitedly, they slowly removed all their clothes. The boy’s penis was expectantly erect, and the girl was ready for her first fantastic trip to heaven. Just when the girl was tense with anticipation, he penetrated her. With only a few quick thrusts, the youngster shivered with ejaculation and shouted, “I’m coming!” Their first attempt at sex ended in less than thirty seconds.

This scene is probably uncomfortably familiar to many people. Evan was no exception. Despite being tall, wealthy, and handsome, he suffered from premature ejaculation. And he lost his first love as a result.

At a young age, Evan’s father went to London to do textile trading and became a successful businessman. He made frequent trips to Taiwan to learn about the textile industry there and eventually bought a Taiwanese textile factory. To manage the factory, his parents later relocate to Taiwan.

When he was 4 years old, his parents sent him back to Northern Wales, where his grandparents were, so that he could receive a British education. He moved to Taiwan again after he turned 15. Because of that, he had dual nationalities of Taiwan and Great Britain. He grew up on a farm owned by his grandfather. Therefore, he kept a humble and innocent personality.

His father worked hard and had good luck expanding his business. He continued to purchase big textile facilities in China, Thailand, and Vietnam and became a famous textile mogul in Asia. His mother also had an exceptional achievement in education. She was the principal of a foreign school. Their parents were the manifestation of the adventurous British Empire.

His parents adopted a laissez-faire attitude toward his education but cultivated his interests in various aspects, especially in music and agronomy. Welsh people loved music and were very cultured. Evan was just like that.

Evan grew up having many different experiences. Although he was tall and handsome and was the only heir of his father’s business empire, he was very humble, gentle, understanding, and empathetic, never arrogant.

His good character resulted from his family education, and his quiet temperament developed from his hobby of gardening at his grandfather’s farm. To continue his Western education, he went to a Taiwanese English school.

Evan joined the school’s street-dancing club during his junior year in high school. In his senior year, he taught himself to play guitar and harmonica. At that time, a classmate who was the son of a diplomat from France often talked about his country. Evan became interested in French culture and was determined to go to France to study. He started to learn French with his classmate.

During the first semester of Evan’s senior year, a street-dancing club from another school visited his school for a dance match. On the day of the match, the platform was crowded with spectators—and Penny was in the audience.

Penny was the most beautiful and popular girl in Evan’s school. She was also a foreigner living in Taiwan with her parents. Evan’s excellent dance skills left an impression on her, but she did not give him much thought.

During the winter recess, Penny and her friend visited a flower show. By coincidence, Evan was also visiting the same show. They sat next to each other during lunchtime. Evan wore a floral shirt and looked quite different than he did at the dance match. Penny thought he looked familiar but could not quite remember where she had seen him before. In a few moments, it dawned on her. She asked, “Aren’t you the dancer from the street-dancing club?”

“You know me?” Evan was a little surprised that such a gorgeous girl was talking to him.

“I go to your school. A friend from my class—I’m a senior—also joined the dancing club. When I went to the match to cheer for him, I saw you dancing.”

“Really? I am also in my senior year. What a coincidence!” said Evan.

Evan and Penny got acquainted and had a long conversation. They were attracted to each other’s good looks and fell for each other almost instantly.

After the flower show, they started dating officially. They liked to play the guitar and harmonica together. Penny was especially interested in learning the guitar. They were a match made in heaven. It was as if Cupid had shot the arrow of love right through their hearts.

Even though they loved each other, their physical contact remained at the stage of holding hands. Although Penny was mature, romantic, and curious about sex, she did not know how to seduce a naïve boy like Evan. Nevertheless, they both enjoyed their puppy love and the sweet time together. Up until their graduation, they were still virgins.

Penny’s best friend suggested that they take a road trip to celebrate their graduation. They thought it was safer for girls to travel with a guy, so they invited Evan to join them. In a few days, they hit the road toward the tourist attractions in Southern Taiwan.

On the first night in the hotel, Penny shared a room with her friend, and Evan stayed in his own room.

After showering, Evan sat on the sofa in his shorts and turned on the TV. Browsing through the channels, he saw one channel that was playing porn. Curious, he started watching it.

In the other room, Penny had just finished showering and was sharing with her friend the pictures she’d taken on her phone. After a while, the friend went to take a shower. Penny pulled a thin sweater over her pajamas and went to Evan’s room to check on him.

Evan was horny from watching the naked couple having intercourse. Just when he had become erect, Penny pushed open the unlocked door and went right in.

The door was only three steps away from the sofa. Penny almost bumped into Evan when she stepped in. Evan was already aroused. Seeing Penny, he stood up, held her in his arms, and kissed her—the first time he had kissed a girl.

Penny had never been away from home, nor had she spent a night outside her house. This was an extremely exciting and romantic experience for her. When Evan held her, she was not shy at all—quite the opposite. She responded passionately. She French-kissed Evan and took off her sweater to better feel Evan’s bare, muscular biceps. She felt more than ready to lose her virginity tonight!

Penny’s personality was open and forward. This irresistible excitement was something she enjoyed. She seduced Evan by kissing him passionately and rubbing against him.

She wore only silky pajamas and did not have any underwear on. The adrenaline-driven Evan could no longer resist; his penis was erect in great excitement.

Evan’s penis was rubbing against Penny and driving her wild, and the moaning sounds from the TV stimulated their sensuality. Penny could not wait another second!

Penny took the lead. She grabbed Evan’s pants and pulled them down. Evan’s penis jumped out in lust. Evan, in turn, removed Penny’s pajamas.

Now they were both naked and kissing passionately. Losing their senses, they threw themselves into bed.

Evan lay on top of Penny, his rock-hard penis against her pussy. He looked at her with pleading eyes. “You’re so beautiful—I can’t resist you. May I enter?”

“Mm-hmm,” Penny muttered. Most of her friends were no longer virgins. It was considered a laughing matter if a girl remained a virgin. She did not want to miss the opportunity to finally gain her first experience.

“I’ll enter slowly. Let me know if it hurts too much!” Evan slowly positioned his butt, and with a thrust, he penetrated Penny’s pussy.

Biting her lip, Penny was both excited and scared. She knew this day would come. Although it might hurt to have her cherry popped, it was something she had to endure.

Just when the pain was too much to bear, and she let out a cry, Evan ejaculated. Penny had felt almost nothing but pain; the whole thing had ended in less than thirty seconds.

Penny had a look of puzzlement on her face. Although she felt relieved that she was no longer a virgin, she was slightly disappointed that sex was not as enjoyable as she had imagined. Evan, on the other hand, felt utterly apologetic, not because he came so quickly but because Penny had to endure the pain of losing her virginity.

Penny went back to her room after midnight. She had a good night’s sleep. Evan could not sleep. His mind was racing with thoughts. A sense of responsibility fell upon him. Their love had taken a big leap after this first experience.

The next day, it was clear that they had become more intimate. Even Penny’s friend could sense the difference and made fun of the uncontrollable smile on her face.

The next two nights, Penny would go to Evan’s room to make love to him. Evan ejaculated quickly on both nights, but Penny enjoyed the intimacy nonetheless.

During the summer after graduation, they were both preparing to go to college and met every two or three days. Evan’s parents did not want him to have a relationship before going to college, so they never spent time in his house. They went to restaurants or to the movies or took drives to tourist attractions. If they wanted to have sex, they would do it in the car. Before the summer ended until college started, Evan’s premature ejaculation persisted, but Penny gave it little attention. Evan was a little discouraged, but he did not consider it a big deal, either.

Penny’s good looks often attracted advice to the effect that she should pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She was also vain, registering herself in a Taipei film academy that was famous for producing TV and movie stars. Evan’s parents did not want him to be too far away from them because he was an only child. So, he decided to go to a university close to his residence in Taichung. At first, his parents wanted him to study business so he could take over the family business. But his interest was in agronomy, so that was what he decided to study in college.

As a result, Evan’s school was in Central Taiwan, and Penny’s was in the North. They maintained a long-distance relationship while pursuing their educations. On the day Penny left for Taipei, Evan sent her off with tears in his eyes. They promised their love to each other. Penny reminded him to always keep her in mind even though they were apart.

After Penny went to Taipei, Evan became lonely and lost. He texted Penny constantly. When he felt down, he visited the places he and Penny used to frequent to relive the time they spent together.

Finally, the first weekend arrived. Penny returned home as soon as possible. They were eager to see each other and had so much to say. Absence had indeed made their hearts grow fonder. Penny subsequently came home every weekend, and they would always make love.

To fill the emotional void and distract himself from the loneliness of the weekdays, Evan joined the college’s French club and music class.

After two months, Evan introduced Penny to his parents. His parents no longer prevented him from dating girls. They even encouraged him. From then on, whenever Penny came home, Evan would bring her to his house. That was when Penny realized Evan came from a wealthy family. She was envious.

Evan’s house occupied a community of luxurious mansions located in the suburbs, where there were mountains and rivers. Next to his house was a small creek. Evan often took Penny to the creek to practice guitar. They enjoyed the sound of the creek and the sweet, romantic time they spent together playing the guitar and harmonica.

This delightful relationship lasted two years. They were immersed in each other’s love. Penny had become the center of Evan’s life and his most precious love.

Since her junior year, Penny had claimed that because she had to participate in field drama practice on Saturday and Sunday, she could not come home as frequently. In fact, she came back just once a month, and she always looked tired and did not enjoy sex as before. During the winter recess, she stayed for only a couple of days and left in a hurry—and during the summer vacation, she stayed in Taipei and never visited home.

Evan was confused about her change, but he understood that she had a lot of work to do at school. He did not complain; on the contrary, he was extra nice to her. He used the time when Penny was away to practice his French and took the test d’évaluation du français. He also spent more time with his sick mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, and accompanied her to the hospital for checkups. He passed the time without Penny by making himself busy.

During the winter recess of Penny’s senior year, there was a high school reunion, but she missed it. Evan unexpectedly learned from a friend who attended the same film academy as Penny that she had skipped the reunion because she was having a good time with her assistant professor. Evan was shocked to hear the news. He called Penny immediately to hear what she had to say. “I heard you are in love with your assistant professor, and that’s why you don’t come home anymore. Is that true?” he asked. “Please tell me the truth. I won’t get mad.”

Penny was caught off guard by the directness. “I … that’s not true … you have to believe me,” she stammered.

Evan sensed something suspicious in her response. He went to Taipei right away to talk to her assistant professor directly.

Through the direction of the friend from the film academy, Evan met the assistant professor. He was handsome, sophisticated, charming, and mature.

The assistant professor listened to Evan and learned immediately that he was Penny’s lover back home. He was jealous but tried to conceal it. Contemplating how to convince Evan to give up on this relationship, he finally said, “Love is more than a promise between two hearts; the physical satisfaction gained through sex is more important. That’s how one can ensure long-lasting love. Penny got real sexual satisfaction from me, and she revealed that her boyfriend always came within a minute. She never enjoyed having sex with him. That’s why she stopped visiting home.” The assistant professor was very candid. He even showed Evan the lewd pictures he took of himself and Penny on his phone.

He was indeed not lying. Under his teaching, Penny’s sensuality had been cultivated, and she now viewed sex as the foundation of love. Her outlook on love had changed completely.

It was quite a blow to Evan to hear those words and see the photos with his own eyes. He was ashamed and saddened. His beloved girlfriend had broken their promise. It was too much to bear!

He went back home, locked himself in the room, and cried. To numb the pain, he went to his father’s cellar and retrieved a bottle of Martell his father had kept for over twenty years. He finished half the bottle in several gulps and passed out drunk in his bed.

The effect of the liquor was quite strong, especially since Evan never drank. The next day at noon, his father went to see him because it was unlike Evan to sleep late. Finding Evan drunk, he woke him up.

When he woke up, the tearful Evan told his father, “Penny betrayed me. She took my love and left. I’ve lost her forever!”

His father could not contain his amusement upon hearing those words. He comforted him. “Don’t be silly. This is nothing compared to the much bigger hurdles you will encounter in life. This is an experience that helps you grow and learn from the real world. You are a good catch in the dating world. Are you afraid you won’t find someone better than Penny?”

Born to parents who had sheltered him from virtually everything, Evan had never experienced failure. This was his first major failure. No wonder he could not take it lightly. His father thought it was good for him to experience the feeling of loss. Evan needed to have a wide range of experiences to become mentally strong and prepare for future challenges.

But from that time forward, Evan was haunted by premature ejaculation and could no longer face Penny. He had given up on her. But he did not let her go in his heart. He was miserable for a few days after the breakup. Penny called numerous times and left him many messages, but he replied to none of them. Penny was worried. Unaware of Evan’s encounter with her professor, she thought something serious had happened to him.

After a few days, Evan felt calmer and replied to Penny’s messages. His reply was rather short: “We are not meant for each other. Go find your love. Good luck!” Determined to cut off all ties with Penny, he locked his cellphone in a locker, got a new one, and changed his number. He also changed his email address.

Penny was sad when she saw the message, but she could do nothing about it. In fact, she still loved Evan and had pursued the affair with her assistant professor out of vanity. The sex was great, but her real goal was to advance her dream of becoming a movie star. And at this point, she was still invested in the affair and did not feel too sad about Evan’s reaction.

After cutting Penny off, Evan became discouraged and depressed. To cheer him up, his father asked a good friend to take him on a helicopter flight.

Taiwan boasts 268 mountains over 1.8 miles tall. When the pilot, whom Evan called Uncle, took them sightseeing in the air, Evan saw these grandiose mountains and was amazed by the magnificent view. He immediately felt elated.

During the flight, his father pointed to a high mountain. “Uncle and I have decided to build a hotel and a helipad there. After helicopter tours of the coastlines and the mountains, the tourists can stay in our hotel. It will definitely become a tourist attraction.”

“That’s a great idea! I love it!” said Evan cheerfully.

“Taiwan is also called Ilha Formosa, which means beautiful island. Although it has a small land area, it is surrounded by oceans and mountains and has a unique geographical environment. It is ideal for helicopter day trips. In New Zealand, there are only twenty mountains over 1.8 miles tall, and in Japan, only a dozen. The mountain landscape of Taiwan is very rare worldwide; it will definitely attract many tourists,” added Uncle.

“That’s awesome! The tourists can view the sea of clouds, watch the sunrise, and look at the ridges of the lush mountains. It is like a fairyland on earth!” Evan was very excited.

Evan had an epiphany: the view from above made everything seem so small and transient. The breakup did not feel as painful as before.

This helicopter flight greatly cheered Evan up. In an effort to forget about the breakup completely, when the second semester of his senior year began, Evan volunteered to do a research project with a classmate about the mysterious disappearance of bees.

Through their diligent research, they found the answer to the disappearance. The varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that attacks and feeds on honeybees, was the major reason for the bees’ deaths. The parasitized bees would either undergo deformation or die altogether. The mites parasitized mostly worker bees and infested them at some point between the flowers they pollinated and the apiary, causing the bees to die after leaving the hive. The infestation of only one bee could result in the infestation of an entire colony. Evan and his team conducted further research and discovered that thyme could effectively destroy the parasites. They extracted a component from thyme to devise an herbal medicine called thymol. Burning this medicine kills ninety percent of the varroa destructors but leaves the bees intact.

Their research result was published in a top agricultural journal and received favorable attention from the field.

After Evan passed his test d’évaluation du français, he decided to take a study trip to France to broaden his horizons and forget about his failed relationship.His father supported this decision wholeheartedly, but on the condition that Evan does not stay abroad too long since his mother was still quite sick. They agreed that Evan should apply for the short-term study trip, which would last two months.

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