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1.The hot guy haunted by premature ejaculation
Bad in bed results to a loss of love
2.The trip that vanquished premature ejaculation
A trip to Paris become therapeutic
3.The aristocratic and beautiful lady
Stunner for the youngster
4.Sex cinema
Lights, camera, sex!
5.Sex vacation in the countryside
Keep em’ cuming!
6.Enlightenment in sexual liberation
Sex before love was different from love before sex
7.The course on affectionate sex
The journey to womens climax
The more the merrier!
9.The beautiful figures of Parisian women
The secret of the women of Paris
10.Heavenly sex
There is more than one heaven
11.Endless sex during the trip
Traveling alone led to numerous one-night stands
12.Bioeconomy and human transformation
Precise medicines enabled human longevity
13.Intoxicating Paris
Paris Intoxicated!
14.The chic fashion designer
Will domestic partnership be the new “marriage”?
15.Swingers’ games that saved marriages
Better the sex, happier the marriage
16.Five kinds of sexual desire that required accurate matches
Correct sex match makes a marriage succeed
17.Four levels of orgasms
The differentiation serves to see if the lovemaking is done right
18.Overcoming premature ejaculation and impotence for good
The right solution brought back the erection
19.Nine shallow one deep and picking yin to nourish yang
The lost ancient Chinese sex scroll was performed live
20.Sex scenes in the vineyard
Handsome stud took on three ladies in six nights
21.The pleasures of joyous Paris
The Dark Side of Paris
22.Sex cruise in the French Riviera
Sex in the Cruise!
23.Painting in the old town
The student fell for the teacher
24.Endless sex, lust, pleasure, and laughter
The friends enjoyed a fun gathering
25.Journey to the naturist village
The trip provided an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience
26.Drunk sex
Alcohol was an aphrodisiac
27.The uncontainable desire of the elegant beauty
Carried away by lust, she cast off her reservations
28.A sultry dance performed by naked twin girls
Who said dancing was boring?
29.The beau and the twins
One stallion plus two mares equal endless fun
30.Sex that took you to heaven
Continuous orgasms that gave her heavenly experiences
31.Party in the nudist pub
The partygoers were young, fun, and wild
32.The twins pleasuring the stud
Two on one, more the fun.
33.The transformation of the sexual rookie
The sex fledgling was turned into a sex guru overnight
34.Endless sex in the Dating Club – Part 1
Sex goddess class in session
35.Endless sex in the Dating Club – Part 2
The girl opened her gate to welcome the gentleman
36.Graduation party gone wild
Sex for everyone!
37.Irresistible love with many words left to say
Memorable sex
38.Smart move to end a love affair
The secret lover left the love triangle voluntarily
39.The reappearance of turtle breath
Whoever learns the skill could master the art of sex
40.Encounter with the ex-lover
Sex with the ex!
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