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  1. This is a remarkable artwork, nothing in the market can compare with it !

  2. Seven college graduates went to the city of art, Paris, to embark on an exploring journey and experience sexuality, leading to a series of stories full of sex and lust. I think the book idea is very original and never told. I admire the author’s macrocosmic structure and the vast knowledge in various fields. They add to the richness of the story and make the book a page-turner. The author’s main topic, affectionate sex, is especially meaningful and impressive. The sexual frustration of the protagonist, Evan, causes his fear in love, I found it depicted in a realistic way. I am very impressed and full of respect for the author’s attempt to write a novel on sexual inspiration and I benefit a lot from it. I sincerely recommend this book.

  3. Never seen this kind of novel before, it reaches a new level of erotic fiction.

  4. Fifty Shades of Grey is a lot less impressive by comparison!!

  5. I personally think that this was a whole new experience for me, and it was really an eye-opener!

  6. This is the only novel that explores the life of relationship between romance and sex.

  7. The novel was very meath,it contained many valuable ideas.

  8. What is conveyed by the novel is both realistic and thought-provoking.

  9. The chairman of a stock listed company Brook Jung has never written a novel before. But her first novel is a grand scale epic, the first book of the Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates. It is indeed the most newsworthy topic of the year.
    She adopted a nontraditional way, posting her novel on a website for free reading and translated it into various world languages. I don’t know what was her purpose and what was her story?
    Although the Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates is a sex novel, it doesn’t just talk about sex. The majority of the novel is not focusing on sex, but on various and extensive fields. This is something not seen in other novels, and something that I found the most plausible.
    A good erotic story can’t be just about sex, otherwise it fails to distinguish itself from other stories on the internet. The Seven Graduates is successful because of its touching stories in the plot; what’s more, it incorporates grandiose landscapes, agronomical biotechnology, exoticism, art, horticulture, food and diet, travel, business management, etc. The story is very close to our daily lives and gives us a sense of familiarity. The author wrote about his knowledge and experience, giving each character life and soul. I felt deeply touched when I read the story. In the beginning, I read the book because its titled “erotic.” But I ended up feeling more than “erotic.” For me, this is unexpected.

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