Although Evan, a recent college graduate, was tall, wealthy, and handsome, his beloved girlfriend cheated on him because he suffered from premature ejaculation. Ashamed and sad, Evan left his hometown to take a study trip to Paris. There, he befriended six other college graduates from different parts of the world, including England, the United States, Japan, and China. Evan was exposed to France’s cutting-edge, sexually liberal culture, and he experienced an orgy, a sex party, a nudist camp, and all kinds of sexual encounters. He was transformed from a sexual rookie with low self-esteem to a sex guru.

  Affectionate sex, a skill he learned from a sexology professor, saved him from disappointment in sex and helped him overcome premature ejaculation, giving him sexual confidence. Turtle breath, a skill he learned by chance, turned him into a sex guru who could control his hardness and ejaculation. Like a master of the three-knife fighting technique, he became a master in the realm of sex.

  After their sex education in Paris, the seven graduates continued their life journeys in different corners of the world, overcoming all types of sexual challenges. One of them started his own nudist resort. Another invented love chairs that were sold globally and pleased numerous women. Yet another promoted a cosmetic antiaging growth hormone and surrounded himself with beautiful models, enjoying endless sex adventures. A fourth traveled around the world to experience how sex was culturally expressed. Their eye-opening adventures and achievements were never seen before.

  The novel’s central themes of sexual exploration, sexual enlightenment, sex education, and marriage counseling are woven into plots that involve family, love, pleasure, conflict, sexual encounters, entrepreneurship, business strategy, online marketing, bioeconomy, travel, and agronomic technology. With the help of intellectual and humorous content, this book will inspire readers to rediscover sex.

  This novel, written by a publicly listed company CEO and his international friends, discusses sex and covers all the topics related to sex, including impotence, premature ejaculation, masturbation, foreplay, erotic massage, flirting, adult videos, one-night stand, cheating, extramarital affairs, sex mates, fuck buddies, closed group marriages, swingers, orgies, gangbangs, group sex, sex parties, sex during traveling, et cetera. It is never seen before. All the other erotic fiction, sex stories, erotic romance novels, and softcore pornography novels cannot compare. It is the worlds’ first fiction that explores sex in the form of a novel.

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