Having been busy with my technology company for the past thirty years, I had not had the time to write until recently. I had no experience writing books, either; however, while I traveled the world for business, I noticed that the climbing divorce rates and countless unhappy marriages across continents stemmed largely from unsatisfying sex. This discovery prompted me to turn what I’d seen and heard into a novel in an effort to inspire readers.

  It was not until my company was listed and I retired that I could embark on this project. Although it took me ten years to finish the book, this time enriched the content of the novel. The relaxation afford by my retirement made the novel even more enjoyable to write, and I was able to devote my time entirely to the project.

  What I want this novel to convey is that the pleasure great sex brings is not only physical; it also brings mental calm and emotional contentment. The happiness that results from bodily, mental, and emotional satisfaction is the key to a successful marriage. As an anthropologist has said, “Sex is the foundation of reproduction and happiness.” Sex and a happy marriage are indeed correlated.

  Amazing sex, which is called “affectionate sex” in this book, starts with a massage that is completely different from typical foreplay. It is a sex skill that can touch the heart of the partner and achieve the ultimate satisfaction of body, mind, and the emotions. Mastering this skill will change a person’s outlook on life and happiness, boost his confidence, and improve his physical and mental well-being.

  Therefore, the unhappiness that stems from emptiness, worry, ungroundedness, nervousness, agitation, depression, or even workaholism is totally curable through affectionate sex.

  Research has shown that the main causes of a discordant marriage include a lack of interest in or time for sex, a disregard for the partner’s needs, and premature ejaculation. These problems arise from a couple’s lack of sexual knowledge. It is such a pity that many couples are unaware of the importance of affectionate sex to a happy marriage, especially those couples whose sexual relationship suffers from premature ejaculation. Their symptoms can be improved through affectionate sex.

  Furthermore, some young people have inaccurate ideas about sex. They do not know that affectionate sex is what they really need; instead, they engage in casual sex that is unsatisfactory and constantly seek out more sex to fill up the bottomless hole. That is very unfortunate.

  Today’s society is full of violence and cold-bloodedness. There are many power struggles in politics, more and more people have depression or bipolar disorder, and divorce rates are at an all-time high. This ungroundedness and disorder cannot be fixed with laws, doctrine, or psychology. The true cause of these problems is a lack of happiness. Affectionate sex is the cure to ground oneself, find order, and thus rediscover happiness.

  A course in affectionate sex is a necessity. It is the foundation of love. After completing the course, lovers will realize that love is giving, not possessing, and they will never have to worry that their partners might cheat on them.

  Alan, a former client of mine, was very rich and a workaholic. He told me, “A man has to work a lot so his woman can spend a lot!” He loved his wife dearly, but he focused more on moneymaking than caring for his wife, and he satisfied his own needs during sex—he came quickly—but ignored his wife’s needs. His wife felt like a sex toy and had never enjoyed sex with him. Despite her affluence, she felt empty physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She tried to tell him how she felt; however, not only did he fail to understand, but he believed her luxurious lifestyle gave her no reason to complain.

  The wife did not receive the solace of affectionate sex from her husband, so she became depressed. Even though the marriage was materially satisfying and had no major issues such as domestic violence or extramarital affair, her life was mundane; she simply repeated a featureless daily routine and felt no sparks. “What good is a life like that?” she thought to herself. “Is this all marriage is, giving birth to children and raising them until I get old?”

  The wife concluded that this kind of life was meaningless, but she could not do anything about it. Feeling hopeless, she sought happiness outside of the marriage.

  At an event, she met a common-looking guy who could not hold a candle to her husband, Alan, in any respect. The only exception was his conversational warmth. The man loved to talk and was willing to listen, and that made her feel appreciated and cherished. The more they talked, the closer they got—and eventually they had sex. After several sexual encounters, she experienced affectionate sex with him and enjoyed it. She was content both physically and emotionally. She felt great happiness and did not want the new relationship to end.

  Alan found out about her affair and asked her to leave the lover. To his surprise, she refused. Alan then gave her two options: stay in the marriage and never see the lover again or leave the marriage but give up her share of his wealth.

  She chose the lover without hesitation. Shocked and sad, Alan could not understand why his good, quiet wife would choose such a man!

  The law protects marriage but does not guarantee happiness. When a partner feels unhappy, the marriage becomes shaky. The aim of this story is to point out the importance of affectionate sex. Had Alan known about affectionate sex and made his wife happy, the marriage would have survived. Many extramarital affairs happen because husbands couldn’t sexually satisfy their wives. A husband cannot relax simply because his wife stays home; it only means she has not had an opportunity to spend time in public and meet people.

  Therefore, only the sense of happiness can make a monogamous marriage last, prevent a loveless marriage, and steer the relationship away from extramarital affairs. And the avoidance of these problems is built on the foundation of affectionate sex.

  Thus, one should not treat sex as taboo or simply ignore it. One should neither view it through rose-colored glasses nor think of it as pornography. These mindsets are biased and incorrect.

  Throughout history, world literature has described sex; sex should not be equated with pornography. I advise readers of this book to approach it with the goal of learning affectionate sex and discovering happiness. Readers should not treat this book as simply an erotic novel.

  I hope this book will inform singles and newlyweds and save established couples from unsatisfactory sex or sexless marriages. I hope it will enlighten couples and lovers across the world and encourage them to start conversations about sex.

  May this book’s content fill their hearts with hope, bring smiles to their faces, and help them walk a path of harmony and happiness.

Hiring Co-authors

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