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  1. The most talked-about book in the recent book market forum, the Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates, has a major difference from Fifty Shades of Gray. Gray’s main plot is the sex contract and BDSM, the Seven Graduates promotes happiness from the affectionate sex learned by seven college graduates who accidentally stumbled upon the sex skills on their sex journey. The happiness is not just physical or sensual, but it encompasses spiritual calmness, psychological pleasure, and emotional satisfaction, which I can really identify with. Other than its different sexual appeal, the plot is also completely different from Gray. Readers of Gray should review this book and compare both. Personally, I prefer Seven Graduates over Gray.

  2. Orgasm consists of involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles and erotic pleasure.Eye-opening experience.

  3. Erotic love is dynamic: fraught with mystery and drama. well said.

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