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  1. The most appealing part is that I learned some precision sex move HaHa!

  2. Brooke has a spectacular writing skill, it shows that she is really talented.

  3. The story shows that the author is a really successful entrepreneur.

  4. Gray’s story is pure fantasy, nothing but entertainment, and the novel is full of inspiring positive energy.

  5. The Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates is incredibly different from everything I have read so far. I have read tons of erotic fictions and romance; most plots center around the main characters and what happen around them. There’s never a story that discusses exoteric knowledge and relationship research, that makes this novel unique. I find it very beneficial after reading it, and it’s a book that Fifty Shades of Gray cannot compare. The author runs a corporation and has business around the globe, which gives the author a wide horizon and vast knowledge. That’s why the author is able to write something that is uniquely different from other writers! A businesslike thinking is indeed different form the mindset of most people. Readers who are looking for a different topic or style must read this book.

  6. I strongly agree with its pint of view, it’s really helpful.

  7. Attractive must have its appealing plot, this novel sure is one of a kind.

  8. I read plenty of novels, Seven Graduates is brilliant ! Much better than Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  10. When I started reading the Erotic Journey of the Seven Graduates, I was reminded of another book, Fifty Shades of Gray. At first, I thought these are the same type of novels because both protagonists have emotional baggage. After reading, I realized they are different types. Although both protagonists experience sexual frustration, Gray doesn’t solve his personality disorder caused by the childhood abuse. This is the only flaw in the diamond. Fifty Shades of Gray focuses on sex and is heavy to read. The Seven Graduates, on the other hand, focuses on solving the problem and is light-hearted and inspiring. What’s more different is that the Seven Graduates doesn’t have any villains or darkness. It is completely knowledge based and enlightening.
    Because the sex description is phenomenal and the sexual knowledge is evidence-based, I presume the author Brook is not only a successful businesswoman, but she also has a remarkable love life. She only mentions that she is the boss of a stock listed company but doesn’t further reveal her identity, in fear that her company might be affected. I think she must be a famous person, otherwise she wouldn’t have had such certain. I intuitively think she must be a woman.

  11. Fifty Shades of Grey sold 150 million copies, Seven Graduates should sell 200 million copies because it’s so much better.

  12. erotic scale of writing and subject matter construction is what makes it better than Gray.

  13. The perspective and experiences that an entrepreneur has are very exclusive, the contents are indeed very unique.

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  15. I personally think is more interesting than fifty shades of gray.

  16. The style of the novel is diversified, the content is richer than other similar products, and it is very inspirational and rich in layers.

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